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Segway Tour Berlin - SEG TOUR GmbH - Berlin Germany

Experience Berlin’s most exclusive city tour! Amidst the vibrant capital there is history approachable. Whether it is Berlin Victory Column, Checkpoint Charlie or Konnopke’s currywurst sna

Adventures Out West Sedona Segway - Sedona Arizona

Our Segway adventures in Sedona are a one of a kind blast. The beautiful scenery of the Red Rock formations in Sedona guarantees your tour to be fun on these amazing battery powered machines. Tours ar

Segway NI - Segway Tours - Belfast Northern Ireland

We have 2 Segway tours:- Segway NI Off Road Tours Our main Off Road division. Loacted at Tannaghmore Gardens Animal Fram at Cragivaon Lakes we have 3 skills and speed course along with 2 great off ro

Mobileo Segway Tours - Murten Switzerland

Segway Tour in the heart of the Three Lakes Region! Discover with us Murten and its beautiful surroundings. The picturesque town of Murten, with its well preserved town wall, its numerous towers, its

Segway Smart Tour - Jerusalem Israel

Segwayz offers 4 amazing tours of Jerusalem, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world! Glide with us by the walls of the old city, the Israeli parliament, through Jerusalem’

SeeWay Segway Tours - Paris France

Informative and interesting Segway tour of Paris will bring you closer to the monuments, museums and parks. Eco-friendly, accompanied by a tour guide, this is really something to please everyone. What

Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents - CSTRents - Bologna Italy

Roaming Bologna on a Segway PT! Roaming in Segway PT amid the streets of Bologna lets you get a true feel for the vibrant atmosphere that reigns in this city, amid the arcades and cloisters that pop u

Simply Moving Philippines - Segway Dealer - Manila Philippines

Segways are ideal for short distance travel…Segway Philippines with the advent of electric vehicles and the push for more environmentally responsible means of transportation. Segway Philippines