10 Segway Tours in Vienna, Saltzburg, Insbruck, Wachu, Steyer and Lintz Austria are featured on Segway Tours Worldwide

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Plan a fun Segway tour as part of your visit to Austria.  10 Segway and Ninebot Tours are available in Vienna including tours in Saltzburg, Insbruck, Wachu, Steyer and Lintz. Austria is a country with scenery beyond comparison and a warm hospitality welcoming all. Cycle through lush green valleys or walk amongst spectacular mountains criss-crossed with sparkling streams in summer. Come winter, it’s time to head to well-groomed pistes and stunning panoramas. No matter what time of year, Austria awaits you with fresh air, individuality, “Gemütlichkeit” and value for money*.

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Segway in Steyr – Segway Tours – Steyr Austria

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LinzerSchweben Segway Tours – Linz Austria

Hermann Maier Adventures – Segway Adventures – Flachau Austria

Segway and Ninebot Sales and Service in Austria:

Urban Mobility Distribution – Segway & Ninebot Dealer – Austria



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(*credit: Austria Travel Board)