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A warm welcome from San Francisco


Welcome to Segway Tours Worldwide

We are passionate about Segways and Segway Tours.

This directory was built after hundreds of guests, who had been on Segway Tours all over the world, asked us “How many Segway tour companies are there?: OR “Is there a Segway Tour in this or that cool city?”
So we started looking around. The answer is an amazing 740+ companies and destinations worldwide!

This site contains all guided tours, activities at parks and estates, group tours, team building companies, rental outfits, dealers and distributors around the globe – because we love Segways as much as you do!

A bit about us… For more than 25 years, our family-owned and operated tour and travel publication businesses has promoted the notion that no town in the world is as much fun as San Francisco.
We started the San Francisco Electric Tour Company in October 2004, offering fun-filled tours with a fleet of six Segways in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, San Francisco.

A great guide makes the Tour!

We were the first company in San Francisco to offer eco-friendly Segway tours. Evening tours were added in October 2005. In 2011, we became the exclusive Golden Gate Park Segway Tour company and in 2012, we added a new Night Segway Tour route through Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Embarcadero Waterfront. We now have private VIP tours for folks looking for a customized experience.

In addition to our guests from everywhere we have enjoyed meeting many of the owners and staff from Segway operations all over the world.
We hope you enjoy finding out more about Segway tours and activities through this website. We believe that everyone (that includes you!) should take a Segway tour in one of the hundreds of amazing destinations all over this planet to earn your “Segway Smile!”

If you find yourself in San Francisco  – please come see us for a great tour.

Read more about us online: ElectricTourCompany.com