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Carrer del Correu Vell, 6, 08002 Barcelona

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Carrer del Correu Vell, 6 , Barcelona , Spain , 08002
Year Established: 2009
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Rider Training Language(s) Available: English, Spanish,
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Operating Days: Open: daily 9:00 am – 22:00 pm
Tour Length: 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, 2 h, 3h

Segway tours Barcelona, excursions on segway and segway rent point in Barcelona Gothic Quarter. Segway is the best opportunity to discover Barcelona!

Carrer del Correu Vell, 6, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona segway tour – amazing hour of fun

Barcelona segway tour: One whole hour of fun and culture

Easily mount your Segway and prepare yourself to meet the warm coastline of Barcelona from a unique perspective. As usual, Barcelona segway tours get started with a practical lesson so that you feel comfortable and safe driving the Segway, the easiest to handle electric vehicle in the market.
We will leave from the ancient Gothic Quarter in direction of the Old Port of Barcelona, nowadays a modern luxurious marina equipped with perfect leisure areas to ride the Segway as well as exquisite sights for your pictures. We’ll introduce you to the monument dedicated to the famous navigator Christopher Columbus and his discoveries, pointing us the way to go to admire the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You’ll get acquainted with the history behind the biggest events in Barcelona and see the most symbolic works of art decorating the streets of the city.
Crossing the charismatic neighborhood of La Barceloneta we’ll ride through its bustling urban beach and visit the ground terrace of the Hotel W, stage of magnificent panoramic views of the beautiful city’s coastline and mountains.


Segway in Barcelona – 120 min Segway touring

Segway in Barcelona: Two magical hours of Segway touring

Visit the city’s Old Port luxurious marina and its amazing leisure areas, and get an insight of the city history and relationship with the Mediterranean Sea. Contemplate the fantastic coastline of Barcelona driving through the seafront promenades to the iconic Olympic Port and its Village, effortlessly on a Segway tour.
Beginning our tour with a practical training session, you’ll get very comfortable driving the electric ecofriendly two-wheel Segway. We start at the ancient Gothic Quarter, the historical center of Barcelona, and move to the equally ancient Old Port, nowadays the most luxurious marina in the city.
Driving through the renewed Passeig de Colom, the promenade along shoreline of the marina, you’ll meet the famous navigator Christopher Columbus and get some insight about the great past events that contributed to the growth of the city and made Barcelona charming and beautiful as it is today. Riding along the city’s waterfront you will relaxedly enjoy driving your Segway while contemplating the city skyline and finding perfect backgrounds for your photographic moments.
We’ll introduce you to the very typical neighborhood of La Barceloneta and the tragic history behind it, and to its bustling urban beach, sliding all the way to visit the panoramic ground terrace of the Hotel W, packed with amazing sights of the mountains and the city’s lovely skyline.
Gliding through the maritime promenade you’ll enjoy the modernized leisure areas of the Olympic Port and Village, stage of the Games in ’92 and the main meeting point of the event, effortlessly on top of an Segway.


Barcelona segway tours – 3 hours of segway fun

Barcelona segway tours – An unforgettable journey through past and present of Barcelona

Submerge yourself in the very contagious relaxed mediterranean environment of the city and get familiar with this marvelous coastline and its great history, effortlessly mounted on a Segway. Right after you had a short practical training about driving your Segway, opportunity to get acquainted with the Gothic Quarter, the historical center of Barcelona, we move in direction of the old harbor. Gliding through the seafront promenade of Passeig de Colom, you’ll find beautiful renewed leisure areas and a magnificent scenery with the modern marina of the Old Port, as old as Barcelona itself, and meet the monument dedicated to the navigator Christopher Columbus and his endeavors.
Riding through the portuary area we will introduce you to the bustling La Barceloneta, one of the most typical neighborhoods of the city, and its dreamy urban beach. You will have the best opportunities to take real portraits in the panoramic ground terrace of the Hotel W with Barcelona’s skyline as your background, perfectly merging mountains, beaches and urban landscape. Much more to see as we swiftly move to the Olympic Port and its Village, one of the stages of the important competition that brought many interesting changes to the city, as its possible to admire the modern sculptures and monuments that decorate the streets of these areas.
Afterwards it’s time for us to slide to the city’s central park, the botanical Parc de la Ciutadella and its Arc de Triomph, home of beautiful works of art and the city Zoo, and the chance to get very familiar with Barcelona’s history of successes that contributed to the golden age of the city.

Gaudi route on segway – 3 hours of history

Segway in Barcelona: Gaudi-style journey through the golden ages of Catalan Modernisme

Let yourself be involved by the artistic environment of the city and visit most important works of the Modernisme period, sliding through the most exquisite avenues of Barcelona on a Segway, right after a short practical lesson on how to drive it so that you’re totally comfortable to enjoy your journey.
We start our tour at the ancient Gothic Quarter, the old city center, just to leave it behind and move to the more modern botanical Parc de la Ciutadella, historical landmark of the great expansion of the city and one of the major motivators behind the golden ages of Barcelona, filled with interesting art and history. Passing under the Arc de Triomph we’ll go all the way up the freshly renewed Passeig de S. Joan, opportunity to admire fantastic examples of urban architecture and get more familiar with the city’s bustling environment. We’ll get down to business visiting the most important work of Antoni Gaudí, the monumental temple of La Sagrada Família. Here you’ll get your facts straight about it and make the most absolutely gorgeous portraits with your friends and family.
Afterwards we’ll slide up along the Diagonal Avenue into the business center of Barcelona to get to the famous Passeig de Gràcia and admire the unique houses Gaudí built for important bourgeois families in the city, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, as well as get familiar with his life and work and the fantastic expansion of Barcelona in its golden ages, effortlessly riding a Segway.