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Matrafured, and after Budapest Hévíz Balaton is now available for the High-Tech Sports basis of individual services, the segway tour. Use this tool to having unforgettable experience for the little ones, big ones, younger people, older people, couples, families and groups of friends alike. The adventure, fun and relaxation are guaranteed.

The original Segway provides authentic American experience and tamper-proof. Training is simple, the sense of achievement soon arrive, smile as you go along and even beyond. The freedom and unification with nature inimitable sense of liberation, movement limitations of the crossing of assists. Simply a wonderful experience, which is reflected in our dreams.


1. Tagore Segway Tour
Basic Tour beginners. Guided tour by Educational Fund, where guests can learn the basics of segwayezés in sumptuous surroundings.
Start the Base (Anna Grand Hotel) 10:00; 11:00; 17:00; 18:00; 19:00; Price: 6999 Euro / person (approx. 1 hour) the basic tour for those who have not tried previously segwayezést, but would like to get a taste of the unique élményből. The tour takes place in a picturesque setting, as after a lively Tagore Promenade and the port adrenalinért a little too adventurous a visit to the small forest.

2. Essence Segway Tour
Explore the beauty of Lake Balaton every Segway. Getting guided program reform roam the city’s old town part of the bustling promenade Tagore, the Marauder’s small forest, and finally a visit to the boiling Berzsenyi, where guests can taste the sour water of Balatonfüred.
Start from the Base (Anna Grand Hotel) 10:00; 17:00; 19:00 TIP! Price: 9999 Euro / person (approx. 2 hours) The tour will visit the Reform Age part of the city’s attractions, the Vaszary fork Jókai Mór Memorial House, the Lajos Kossuth sour water source, the Horváth house Blaha Lujza holiday home, the Dory fork the State heart hospital building, the small forest adventurer, and sour water we drink Berzsenyi source of our health.

3. Echo segway tour of
medium difficulty level, with a special tour program for intermediate elements. Felügyelt- by an instructor with the explorers, the életigenlők, bevállalósabbak the tour.
Departing from Base (Anna Grand Hotel) 10:00; 17:00 Price: 17 999 HUF / person (approx. 3 hours) Intermediate tours start our tour incorporates the playfulness, but offers a real adrenaline when járgányunkkal Tihany we visit the nearby attractions. Balatonfüred and Tihany, concentrated essence of a Segway tour. Lifetime experience, not to be missed!

TOURS children and families
Segway has been used for ages 8 and up. The little ones a few months to recommend the segways kisszekérkéinket. The segwayezés a family-friendly program where
young children can enjoy themselves. The parent (s) – or at the request of tour leader – a child-safe trailer in the smallest hike may bring with them.
All tours are available on request from kids segwayszekérke Price: 4.999 Ft / 2 children (össz.terhelés up to 40 kg.).

HSB * = High-Tech Sports Base (Anna Grand Hotel)
Prices are gross prices and HUF to be understood. VIP tour guides on request Accident insurance linked

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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the website is stated or other forums advertised offers can not be combined (eg: 5000 Ft coupons & discount price)!
You can even advertised in several actions are, which we would like to encourage our guests to get more service to try to out here. According to needs, always the best offer, visitors are selected for our guests, but they are always an occasion and a type of a tour group to be enforceable. I am very pleased us that prefer promotions, however, please keep in mind: If an order can only be calculated on a discounted offer deal!

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The tour price includes:
– road safety education, guiding
– a 30-minute practice, getting to the designated Segway-mark practice range
– Segway rental
– ensuring safety helmet and other protective equipment
– gloves, raincoat (with worse time)
– soft drinks, refreshments
– 5000 USD worth of experience coupons take advantage of additional programs

Certainly its customers using payment vouchers, bank cards and cards Nice (OTP, KH, MKB) services will also be accepted.
The only túráinkon everyone can participate at their own risk.

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