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112 Oceanview Rd, Oneroa, Auckland 1081, New Zealand

Matiatia Wharf Oceanview Road , Oneroa , Waiheke Island , New Zealand , 1081
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Bay to Beach Segway Tour Waiheke Island

We start off with some basic training and gliding around on the grass at Matiatia Bay to get to grips with the Segways. Once everyone is feeling confident with their new skills we head into the bush to wind our way through native Knoffler flowers, Flax plants and shaded areas covered with ferns. We zip along to the summit of Atawai Whenua Reserve which opens out to the magnificent Cable Bay Vineyard. Here we can whiz through the olive trees and vines to see how one of the best wine producers in the world bring to life the fruit vital to their hand-crafted wines.

We can pause here for some Segway selfies and a group photo on top of the hill with the Vineyard, gorgeous coastline and ocean in the background. Now we do a bit of road riding to the other side of the hill and gently make our way down private roads catching glimpses of our next destination, Blackpool beach. A few winding paths eventually lead us to the beach where we can drift around for a while if the tides allow. While we’re here check out the old Scow shipwreck named Rahiri (1907), glide past the Piritahi Marae (a Maori meeting place for all races and cultures to gather) and take some more photos before we head off around the stunning headlands. We then head into Alison Park for a quick visit to check out some of the local sculpture art resident on the Island before we finally make our way along a few back roads to return to Cable Bay.

We can either finish our Journey back at Cable Bay Vineyard where you can relax and sample the amazing wines and food all the while soaking up the gorgeous sunsets from the beanbags on the Verandah with chillout tunes in the background or drop you back down to Matiatia Ferry Terminal ready for your next adventure.

A View to A View Segway Tour

Starting from picture perfect Owhanake Bay we spend some time training and gliding around the park to get accustomed to the Segways. Once everyone is happy with their new skills, we will gently wind our way along the coastline over grassy knolls past luscious native bush and Flax to pop out at Island Bay. If we can, there might be a chance to get down onto Island Bay beach and have a quick run around before retracing our steps back to Owhanake Bay ready for part 2 of the journey.

Once back at the Bay we hit the road for a couple of minutes to glide up to a dusty path that coils past the wonderful Fossil Bay Vineyard. Running along the vines we wind our way through the bush with a few twists and turns to finally arrive at a spectacular lookout over Double U Bay and down to the beach we just left at Fossil Bay. From here you have the opportunity for some amazing photos that stretch from Auckland past Rangitoto and Coromandel Island out to Great Barrier Island (on a clear day). Hopping back on our Segways we will cruise along the coast’s edge for a bit before riding through the vines and back to Owhanake Bay. Perhaps if time allows we can all zip around the grassy bay for a bit.

Waiheke Island is about slowing down the pace of life and enjoying the ride. That’s why we say that for us here at SegWai “it’s all about the journey”. SegWai started in 2014 as an idea born from of one of our many holidays to Waiheke Island and out of a burning desire to change direction and experience more out of life. Both of us had busy roles in Australia that gave us little chance to truly enjoy life… and a change was needed. The new philosphy became work to live not live to work and what better way to ensure the relaxed pace to life than to move to Waiheke Island.