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Company «Segway Tour Kiev» starting place for tours. Now we find it is much easier:
the city Kiev, the Mariinsky park in front of the Mariinsky Palace!

We are waiting for you! Energy and good spirits – we guarantee!

Route 1:

“Amenity ring – a beautiful Kiev parks – Mariinsky and Groin. They are masterpieces of landscape design, an integral part of the history of the city, romantic, tragic, glorious … Since the last century, these parks have been and remain a place of attraction of Kiev. How many declarations of love have listened to the old linden and maple trees? How many remember the stories of Kiev on the shady alleys … The Mariinsky park is jewel of the architect Rastrelli- Mariinsky Palace. Near the arch “Friendship of Peoples” You admire the fantastic scenic city views.
Duration – 1.5 hours
Price – negotiated

Route №2: Segway in Goloseevo

We invite you to an unforgettable walk through the Goloseevo – forest that each of its tip concerns the city. We can surprise you with the skeleton of a huge whale sea, as if gnawed and abandoned by unknown giants and beauty chain Didorovskih Orehovatskih and lakes that seem to themselves can tell the story of Mavka and color Chervona Ruta. In addition, we get to the farm and ride on ponies Goloseevskaya desert, which was founded by Peter himself Tomb.
Duration: 2 hours

Route 3: a Segway on the islands of Kiev

Walk on a Segway on the islands of Kiev
Suffice it feel free to Segway? In this case, we invite you to an extreme tour Trukhanov Island! Thanks Segway you will feel the charm of off-road and feel like a tamer of these machines. In addition, we will explain why Trukhanov island so dear to the grave Tugorhana, and why local tradition on the island of Moore firmly binds Murom Ilya and Ivan the Terrible.
Duration: 2 hours

Route №4: on a Segway for Mezhyhirya (“Museum of Corruption”)

Excursions on a Segway in Uman
After working up in the park in Kiev? And we went to Mezhyhirya! Swept along on the royal lands, the fugitive President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. 140-hectare complex “Mezhyhiria” see foot per day is simply unrealistic. It parks, gardens, artificial lakes and ponds, club house “Honka”, guest house and it was with “stumps”, where the ex-president took journalists avenue on the banks of the Dnieper, two berths to the yacht club, a great golf course, tennis courts and other sports facilities, shooting range, helicopter landing pad, “ancient temples”, spa, garage, fire station and mobile communication towers, gardens, greenhouses, conservatories, hunting, Dog Training Center, fazanary, the zoo and the like. All this you can see during a fascinating tour. The route will not only allow all this to go round, but also give a real pleasure from the ease of movement on the Segway.
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