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ZUZU Segway Tours is Israels leading provider of segway tours. We offer a variety of segway tours including; the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, the Ramat Gan Safari, Nemal Tel Aviv, and many more. Our tours can be for as little as two people to as big as 25 people at a time.

Tours in Tel Aviv

Segway Tour in Tel Aviv Port (Namal)

Namal Tel Aviv is situated in the North-West part of Tel Aviv City, next to Riding Power Station and Sde-Dov airport. The compound of Namal Tel Aviv, which used to be an old Tel Aviv sea port, have been upgraded and reconstructed in a past couple of years and now it’s a lively center of entertainment and night life. This area has two promenades that lie along the beach and allowing unforgettable experience for the Segway riders.
We will start our Segway tour next to next to Max Brener Cafe in the old port. From there we have two options of our Segway Tour route:

Option 1: Going in the Northern direction, passing by the restaurants and cafes and crossing the bridge over the mouth of the Yarkon River. We will pass through the remains of the historical Riding Power Station and we will continue our Segway tour along the promenade to the Tel Baruch beach. From there we will come back to the Namal compound.
*For details of this options see the map above.

Option 2: Going in the Southern direction, passing by the restaurants and cafes heading toward the famous Gordon beach. There we will stop at the place where Altelena ship was drawned. From there we will continue our Segway tour along the promenade and will visit the beautiful Old Jaffa Port and will come back to the initial point from there.

Segway Tour in Safari Ramat Gan

ZUZU is the only Israeli Segway company that is licensed to operate Segway tours inside one of the most popular attraction in Tel Aviv – Safari Ramat Gan.
Safari occupies more than 250 acres of nature right in the middle of the busy Tel Aviv, but with Segway your trip around Safari will not be exhausting and you will be able to visit the most distant corners of the park not accessible to many visitors.

Segway tour in Safari Ramat Gan gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience fascinating journey and see the largest animal collection in the Middle East. The African Park and the zoo are home to 1,600 animals of different species, amongst them 68 species of mammals, 130 species of fowl, and 25 species of reptiles.

Segway Tour in Park HaYarkon, Tel-Aviv

Park HaYarkon is located in the Northern part of Tel Aviv and is a true haven for the nature lovers and those who want to spend some laid-back time with their family or friends. Diverse bike trails along the Yarkon River and in the heart of the park are usually not crowded and very convenient for the Segway ride.

Our meeting point will be next to Max Brener Cafe in the old port. We will start our Segway tour riding in the Eastern direction along the Yarkon River towards the place where 7 ancient Roman mills are situated. Further we will ride through the grove named Rosh HaTsipor and will continue our trip along the Southern bank of the Yarkon River. After that we will cross the river using the Riding Bridge and will continue moving in the Eastern direction through the Gan HaBanim (The Sons’ Garden). This garden is dedicated to the eternal memory of the Tel Aviv sons who have fallen for the State of Israel. In the last part of our tour we will pass the Tel Aviv Sportech and will finish our tour in the initial point.

Segway tour is a great opportunity to participate in an open-air tour, where one is able to have direct contact with the air, nature and people of Israel.
It is a unique experience which delivers the advantages of a motorized tour and allows one to visit a greater variety of tourist attractions.

Segways have become a major success in Israel due to its simplicity and ability to create a more enthralling tour. ZUZU has qualified tour guides and is looking forward to seeing you on the next segway tour around the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.