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Aegean Gingers - Segway Tours - Bodrum Turkey

We are proud to be THE FIRST GUIDED tour in TURKEY using SEGWAYS PT. Segway touring is a wonderful way to experience BODRUM which give you a unique view and feeling for the city. Get where no car or b

Agadir Segway - Segway Tours - Agadir Morocco

Gliding on a Segway is like nothing you’ve ever experienced! Step on and your instincts take over. You’ll quickly realise that the Segway will respond similarly to how you balance yourself

Albaway Segway Tours - Alba Italy

lbaway offers a variety of activities: The Alba Segway tour offers you the chance to have an innovative, dynamic and extraordinary tourism experience. With the Segway, the first self-balancing machine

Algarve By Segway - Faro Portugal

The tour can be conducted with or without our professional support, whichever you prefer. Each tour always begins with an orientation and learning sessionlasting some 10 minutes. A qualified instructo

All About Fun Tours - Segway Tours - St. Petersburg Florida

Ride the Technology of the Future! The only way to glide thru St. Petersburg’s 4 & 1/2 miles of waterfront parks and attractions. Now each Segway comes with a mister to keep you cool! We of